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After your session:
Sessions vary from 20 minutes to up to 2 hours - depends on the condition of the person and the method of healing . 

The bite of the leeches a little more than a mosquito bite. So it is not painful, plus leeches secrete an analgesic and anaesthetic substances in their saliva that make you do not feel much after the initial bite. 

Leeches consume 5-15 ml. Of blood which is like a two teaspoonful, but the major health benefits start after the leech drops/removed from the wound , as the wound start discharging lymph which is slightly yellowish liquid tinged with blood for the next 12-24 hours , makes the total blood/lymph out of each bite a total of around 30-50 ml. 

Local transient itching/ swelling and heat at the leech bite in the first few days after the bite is common and should not be mistaken for an allergic reaction , you should never scratch the leech bite, especially after initial wound closure because this frequently delay the wound healing , we recommend cold/ice wrapping , drinking plenty of good quality water - If more sever itching occur , take over the counter anti-histamine as benadryl- if applicable. 

Do not remove the wound cover at least for the next 12 hours or until bleeding / discharge stops, if the cover get soaked with discharge add another gauze layer on top of the existing cover . 

No shower or bath for the next 24 hour and avoid tight clothes especially if the wound near a movable joint. 

You might experience a slight enlargement of a regional lymph node in the area near the bite wound, also might experience slight fever or chills , it is part of the detoxification and will disappear on it’s own. 

If discharge continue you might clean the surroundings of the bite site with cold diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. 

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of spring water and fresh organic juices

Relax & Stop any strengths activities for the next 48 hours or as per the instructions provided , also take a break from your physical therapy or acupuncture, massages etc. 

Remember , you are starting a detoxification process and you might feel sleepy or drowsy , that might continue for few days depends on the severity of the condition but it will go away as the body heals.

Hijama By Leeches is a  Natural healing Process , and is not a quick fix , although  you may have a sooner response-the main action and the healing power continue for days and weeks after applying the leeches. 

Single Use - Disposable - Leeches Medicinalis

Before your session:

Do not use any perfumed lotions, shower gels, medical ointments or oils on the day before your session or on the day of your session . Client to be advised to bathe with pure water before session-if possible.  Client should eat a light meal - no garlic or strong odour food-  2 hours  before leech therapy session.

Do not consume tobacco or the like a day before your session and on the day of the appointment  as well .

Note; any hard exercise , massage , acupressure , reflexology .... should be stop a day before the session and 2 days after it. 

After your session you should rest and elevate the affected limb -if applicable- as frequently as possible.                              
Once the leeches have dropped off, the leech bite will be covered with a thick absorbant dressing which may restrict your movements. Loosely fitting clothing or wide (open-toe) shoes should be worn over the dressing. 

It is Not advisable to drive during this time. 

New York Hijama  

        Islamic Healing Center

                                                                                         Leeches Hijama

Leeches Hijama is a type of Hijama (Prophetic Medicine) where  Extraction of Bad and Stagnant Blood done by applying Medicinal leeches on the designated area to alleviate pain, remove toxins & improve well-being. It has the added benefits of leeches enzymes plus the Bad blood removal. 

To get an idea how leeches Hijama help, one should realize that the healing activity of leeches is based upon a combination of bio-active enzymes and biochemical substances - more than 30 compounds - that acts in sequence & synchronization to produce numerous bio-effects on the human body. It reduces the viscosity of the blood while dilating the blood vessels , accelerating the lymph flow & inhibiting platelet aggregation & blocking numerous Pain mediators of tissue infections also providing local analgesic and anesthetic effects minimizing the pain of  the bite.

​​Bioactive substances of the medicinal leeches:

1. Hirudin - Inhibits blood coagulation by binding to thrombin.
2. Hyaluronidase  -  Spreading factor, penetrate deeper in the tissue to get more systemic effects.                                                                                 3. Pseudohirudin   - Anticoagulant  found only in the body of leeches.
4. Destabilase / Orgelase  - Dissolve Fibrin , Thrombolytic effect,  Also Promote the formation of New Capillaries"Accelerate the absorption of swelling" and Brings more nutrition to the bite site for Quick healing.
5. Apyrase   - Reduces blood level of total Cholesterol. 
6. Bdellines   - Anti-inflammatory.
7. Eglines   -  Anti-inflammatory.
8. Kininases   - Destroy Kinin "the chemical base of Pain".
9. Histamine-like substances   - Antispasmodic , Vasodilator.
10. Hirustatin  - Protinease inhibit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   11. Carboxy-Peptidase A inhibitor - Increase Blood flow to the application site, supply more nutrients and remove metabolic waste products.
12. Bradykinin  - Enhances Vagocytic activity of Human Leukocytes , Anti-inflammatory .                                                                                                     13. Calin/Saratin  -Inhibits blood coagulation , Keep the wound open and cause after biting discharge to cleanse the wound. 
14. Lipolytic enzymes   - Lypolysis "body fat reduction".
15. Intibitor of Xa factor of the blood coagulation - Inhibits Coagulation .
16. Triglyceridase  & Elastase  - Stimulate Protien Metabolism.                                                                 
17. Cholesterol esterase  -   Nomalize Cholesterol Level.                                                                           
18. Complement Inhibitors -  Replaces Natural Complement inhibitors if deficient - Inhibits Blood Coagulation.
19. Bacteriostatic and Anesthetic Effects of Leeches - The saliva of leeches also contains anesthetic substances which deaden pain on the site and also bacteria-inhibiting substances which inhibit the growth of bacteria.


​​​*Hemophilia  - Blood clotting disorders  - Leukemia -  Anticoagulant co-medicated Individuals. 
*Sever Anemia - Tendency to develop keloids or skin scarring - Have a Malignant tumor. 
* Acute stages of infectious disease - Local or general wound healing disorders. 
*Immune deficiency due to AIDS , chemotherapy... 
*Sever allergic Diathesis - Sever allergy to insect bites. 
*Low blood pressure 60/80 or below   [experience dizziness and weakness after Leeches application].
*Pregnancy - Bleeding Ulcer - Liver Cirrhosis - Pacemaker. 
*During menstrual period - Erosive gastritis and potential Gastrointestinal bleeding. 
* Advanced-stage cancer , dialysis, etc.
*Those who have idiosyncrasy ( afraid , does not want , dislike ).                                                                                                                                                 *Allergy to leeches or any of it’s substances.