( A Prophetic Medicine )

Most of the sickness comes from Bad Circulation that affects organs and tissues {Arterial Insufficiency , Venous stasis and Lymphatic  Obstruction},  Alhijamah therapy address the cause of sickness and help it heal. Alhijamah is a form of a prophetic medicine that help heal and purify the body.

We Do Not  accept Health insurance.  Cash-payment accepted.

   Health Insurance

  First time Hijama

Monday               8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday                8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday          8:00 Am - 8:00 PM

Thursday             8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Friday                             Closed

Saturday:            8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Sunday:               8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Please Call our Office to Schedule your Appointment.

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All First-Timer receive a complementary consult to establish a personalized Hijama care plan.


             (A Prophetic Medicine) 

  92-04  95th. Avenue. 

  Ozone Park , Queens. 

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 Tel:  917-214-7298

Appointment Request

  • Hijama Sunnah points.  
  • Hijama Detox ( Improve Body Performance ). Hormonal Imbalance.
  • Hijama for Headache, Migraine Relief, Depression & Anxiety.
  •  Fatigue, Loss of Concentration & Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Hijama for Pain Relief { Joints, Muscle and Back Pain }. 
  • Preventive Hijama.
  •  Leeches Hijama                        
  • Healing with Live Honeybees sting.

 We typically have same-day      appointment availability. Please    Call 917-214-7298  to schedule.

917 - 214 - 7298

                     Alhijamah Is the Best Of  Remedies                      
Anas Ibn Malik r.a. Reported that the Messenger S.A.W. Said   (Indeed the Best of Remedies you have is Alhijamah.)    [Saheeh al Bukaaree (5371)]. 

 For Female Appointments, Need To Have An Adult Companion during the session


              Hijama Sunnah Days

Monday      17th.  Rabi Alawwal -  Oct.  2nd.

Wednesday  19th. Rabi Alawwal - Oct.  4th.  

 Friday           21st. Rabi Alawwal  -  Oct.  6th.


         Open Ramadan Sunnah Days :

                           8AM - 8PM

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New York Hijama  

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  Single use - Disposable - Hijama devices

     Please do not bring children with you to the center

Practitioner /  Elsaid Hammad